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Hand & Body Salves

Soothe away your daily stress and aches with our Hand & Body Salves! 

Our handmade CBD salves are made with 100% natural ingredients and infused with CBD to provide a natural relief to tired, worn joints and muscles. Our hemp CBD is kosher. Enjoy a luxurious, fragrant experience that leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated - without any chemical fillers or preservatives. Revive your body and mind with our Hand & Body Salves!

Experience Soothing Relief with EGC Skincare's Hand & Body Salves

Welcome to EGC Skincare, where nature meets wellness in the form of our premium Hand & Body Salves infused with kosher hemp CBD. Our commitment to quality and purity ensures that you indulge in the ultimate self-care experience.


Unveiling the Power of CBD for Topical Pain Relief

What Sets Our Hand & Body Salves Apart?

At EGC, we believe in the holistic power of nature, and our Hand & Body Salves are a testament to that philosophy. Crafted with care, our products combine the therapeutic benefits of kosher hemp CBD with carefully selected natural ingredients to offer you a one-of-a-kind solution for topical pain relief.


The CBD Advantage

Natural Pain Relief: CBD, 100% derived from hemp plants, has been celebrated for its natural pain-relieving properties. When applied topically, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system, promoting a sense of balance and soothing discomfort.

Anti-Inflammatory: Say goodbye to inflammation! CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease swelling and redness, providing you with the comfort you deserve.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction: Beyond pain relief, CBD induces a calming effect on the skin and senses. Enjoy the relaxation that our Hand & Body Salves bring, making it a perfect addition to your self-care routine.


Our Commitment to Purity

Ernest Goods Skincare takes pride in delivering products that are not only effective but also pure. Our kosher hemp CBD is sourced responsibly, ensuring that every jar of Hand & Body Salve is a testament to quality and integrity.


Why Choose EGC Skincare?

Kosher Certification: We understand the importance of meeting dietary and lifestyle preferences. Our Hand & Body Salves are kosher certified, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity.

Transparency: We believe in being transparent about our ingredients and processes. Feel confident knowing exactly what you're putting on your skin.

Cruelty-Free: Our products are never tested on animals. We take a compassionate approach to skincare.


Elevate Your Self-Care Routine Today

Discover the transformative power of CBD with EGC Skincare's Hand & Body Salves. Indulge in the natural goodness of kosher hemp CBD and let your skin experience the soothing relief it deserves. Elevate your self-care routine by choosing EGC Skincare – where nature and wellness unite.

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